The Russians also believe in a species of water and wood-maids, called Rusalki. They are of a beautiful form, with long green hair; they swing and balance themselves on the branches of trees—bathe in lakes and rivers—play on the surface of the water—and wring their locks on the green meads at the water’s-edge. It is chiefly at Whitsuntide that they appear, and the people then singing and dancing, weave garlands for them, which they cast into the stream. [x]


Watch Honey Maid’s awesome answer about the backlash they received 

6/ ∞ eternally fabulous fashions! Guo Pei - 2013 FIDé Fashion Week

Sebastian discussing the Winter Soldier’s “eyeliner” (x)




I’m amused that I’m seeing gifs of like everything Sebastian Stan has been in all over my dash

except for Gossip Girl

because no one wants to remember that someone they like was in Gossip Girl lbr

The eternal suffering of the Leighton Meester fan.


I keep hoping she’ll blow up with some other project that she’ll become more well known for than GG because GG is like the worst show ever

And she was just SO PRETTY in it. Season 1 of Gossip Girl was MY JAM, dude. Blair was my QUEEN. Why so terrible, show? WHY DO TERRIBLE SHOWS HAPPEN TO GORGEOUS PEOPLE?


I’m amused that I’m seeing gifs of like everything Sebastian Stan has been in all over my dash

except for Gossip Girl

because no one wants to remember that someone they like was in Gossip Girl lbr

The eternal suffering of the Leighton Meester fan.










AND SO (they let you get super detailed)


It lets you store 100 characters (you gain 2 extra slots whenever someone uses your referral code) and 10 images per character. You can even make GROUPS to organize them a little more— per RP or something. Image files can’t be too big either.

BUT if you want more file size, more character slots, and more other stuff, you can get a subscription! Don’t worry, subscriptions are super cheap (take notes, deviantART)!


Ok you can go make one now.

pssst dudes charahub is really cool for character reference stuff. i have one, i should really make more use of it.

i know a lot of people who follow me that would be very excited to know about this.

If only I had fewer than 100 characters. This is why I’ve got a number of wikis, including the giant ‘everything’ one that only has Shannon and Brady able to see what’s on it (because their shit is there too). 

BUT THIS IS SERIOUSLY REALLY COOL AND I MIGHT MAKE ONE DESPITE HAVING A WIKI OR SIX JUST SO THAT I CAN. Or use it for things I wouldn’t put on my wiki, like characters in non-original settings that don’t already have their own wikis (read: other people’s games).


Inigo Aragon - Contemporary Altars (2012)


This incredible woman is Claudia Gordon,

Claudia Gordon, the first Black deaf female attorney in the U.S., has been an advocate for people with disabilities since high school. It was her desire to address societal barriers faced by people with disabilities that motivated her to pursue a legal education and career. Since graduating from law school and being admitted to the Maryland Bar, Claudia has conducted numerous empowerment and legal education outreach and training to communities and organizations in both the U.S. and St. Thomas USVI.

Claudia has a longstanding association with the National Black Deaf Advocates Association (NBDA), having served since 1989, and is currently its Vice-President. She has also provided advocacy leadership at the National Association of the Deaf Law Center; the Civil Practice Clinic at the Washington College of Law, Washington, DC Public Defender Service-Mental Health Division; the Black Law Students Association; the National Black Deaf Advocates Association; and the Consumer Action Network. Currently, she is an independent consultant to the National Council on Disability (NCD).

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You know, all the other disciples hated Judas.

They probably thought that he was too much of a zealot; far more of a sinner than they were to have sullied his hands with his own people’s blood for the sake of politics.

They must have been disgusted and confused to see their tender rabbi treat a terrorist with such love.

Yet, Christ must have seen something beautiful in him.

He must have seen Judas’ wrath towards the Roman-sympathizers as if he were a lion. Perhaps, he even saw a gentleness in Judas’ dark somber eyes that no one else could see.

If anything that must have made them hate Judas more. Every kiss or tender touch must have made them sick, because what had he done to deserve such a thing? He was still so harsh and cruel.

In the Gospel of Judas, he comes to Christ and tells him that he dreams of the other disciples stoning him. In return, Jesus tells him that he sees the truth most clearly of them all…

That’s why Judas is considered a folk saint to much of Latino Catholics.

It is because in Latin America, all of us are forced to commit sins for our own survival, and for the betterment of our communities.

People would starve were it not for the cartels giving money to the people. The government would take the lands of the poor were it not for the assassinations of government officials who try to keeping them at bay. Many places would be a military regime were it not for the powerful mafias keeping the state at bay.

It is why we call our teenage assassins in Colombia, for example, Sicarios, derived from the same word that gave Judas his name.

Innocents forced to commit sins due to the circumstances of their lives, whose victims end up being sent to Heaven due to the nature of their death.

It’s horrible. It’s why Fernando Vallejo’s famous novel is La Virgen de los Sicarios, which is a personal epithet of mine for The Virgin Mary as Our Lady of Holy Death, or La Santa Muerte.

Mary, after all, knew that Christ would die. It is why she is the Mother of Sorrows. She knew her Son would have to die for the rest of humanity. And she knew her Son would have to be killed by someone, would have to die in a series of events set off by someone.

Thus, it is my belief that Mary forgave Judas, if not during life then after she Ascended.

All of this is important 

I’m always disappointed at how easily people want to slip into the ‘love and light’ concept of Christianity, when it truly is a  religion born from darkness and pain.

When it is made into something only happy and cheerful, it lessens the meaning to near nothing. The forsaken who built this religion are pushed to the sides and ignored and that sickens me.

Which is why I constantly blame Protestantism for being a core contributer for the shitty parts of USA society. The brushing under the rug of death and suffering, even theologically.