Amato by Furne One 2013


Today was an exceptional day. 

Jesus fuck.

"As for the fate of Hope Pym’s mother, Janet Van Dyne — aka the original the Wasp — actor Michael Douglas revealed that she is indeed in the movie but dies in some sort of accident."

lol bye (via vivacosima)

Are you fucking kidding me? You’re killing off Wasp? A founding member of the Avengers and the one who GODDAMN NAMED THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE?

So if this is true, Janet has not only become the only founding member of the team not to get their own movie, but she’s also been murdered to tell dude stories.

(oh shit, oh shit, oh shit...)


Mt Fuji from the International Space Station (via)

My work music is my beloved Buckynat mix and I have literally no regrets

Never underestimate my ability to get dressed and ready five minutes before my bus arrives.


Josephine van Delden at Valentino Haute Couture Fall 2014


Karolina Kurkova by John-Paul Pietrus for Stylist February 2014


This is really just an edited version of this one because I wanted some different categories and numbering:

1 Mythology
1 Creation Myth
1 Epic
2 Locations
2 Tricksters
3 Love Deities
3 Magicians/Witches/Magic Users 
4 Psychopomps
4 Celestial Deities
5 Creatures/Monsters
5 War Deities
6 Mortals
6 Myths
7 OTPs
8 Mythical Objects 
9 Gods
10 Goddesses